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SEO (Search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as „natural”, „organic results. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, adding content, doing HTML, and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.


When using Google Search, 90% of people only view results on the first page. The factors that decide what pages make it to the top 10 are usually the following:

–    Search habits of users,

–    The way Google algorithms are built

–    Currently, the answers provided by the machine-learning algorithm, which make up about 50% of the total results.

In spite of this, Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science. The principles we record one day may easily become outdated the next day, or change in their very core.

Google constantly aims to change its algorithms which determine the ranking of pages in search results in order to better serve customers and visitors to pages, and if course to become better and better on the search engine market, staying ahead of the competition.

In order to stay up to date with current SEO trends, our experts constantly receive further tuition. We always know how the algorithms determine page rankings, which means we can effectively improve your ranking and develop an SEO-friendly and effective site.

Choose our service and we help you achieve greatness.

Why? Because these are the core principles we always follow:

–    Your success is also our success

–    We always plan for the long term

–    We provide completely personalized services and products for our clients

–    We make sure you achieve top rankings in search results with keywords that are most relevant to your business.

–    We help your site to meet Google’s highest expectations when it comes to the content and quality of your site.

–    We always provide you with tips and feedback so that your webshop or webpage can be created in accord with your expectations of the business model.

–    We also pay attention to adhering to the needs and expectations of your future customers and clients.

When can you expect results?

Based on Google’s standpoint, effective Search Engine Optimization usually produces merit in 6-12 months. However, even this requires consistent strategy and planning so that the results are cumulative.

If you accept that Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen in an instant, which however, produces unquestionable results if done right, then choose us and become our partner today.

Content writing

When we talk about producing text for a webpage, we have to approach this topic in two different ways:

  • One hand, the content of the webpage itself is important – landing/sales pages
  • On the other hand, effective marketing text is also important, which includes providing continuous and consistent fresh content for users, visitors and customers.

Why do you need written content on your page?

Because contrary to common belief, the internet is still primarily based on written content even in the 21st century. Even the search engines like Google still rank pages in the search results based on the quality and quantity of their written content. The text is as important as ever, and even though people prefer graphics content for conveying information these days, SEO requires you to also think about written content.

This means that when producing text and conducting content marketing, we have to remember that we write for users and Google’s SEO robots (crawlers) as well. And all this time, we have to do this in a way so that neither notices that we are also writing for the other!

Our skilled writers produce text and meaningful content that is compelling to your visitors and customers, while also rich in keywords important for the SEO robots.

Types of texts we produce:

–    Marketing texts: These types of written content help you sell your product. Written content on web pages isn’t worth a dime if it doesn’t convey anything. A good text is pleasant to read, has authenticity, while also catching the attention of your visitors so that you can introduce them to your products and services. This is all achievable with good marketing text.

–    SEO texts: These are your webpage’s best friends. A webpage is only valuable to the owner if it brings in visitors, potential customers and clients. Producing SEO texts plays a key role in this, which is best left to professionals like us so that consistent and proper SEO quality is always met with these texts. This means including targeted keywords and useful information for your visitors.

Today, SEO and written content are all highly important for any webpage that wants to get out there. However, SEO usually isn’t effective enough if done as a hobby or done by inexperienced personnel inside a company. If you need true results, you need us. It is that simple.

Link building

For companies, service providers, for small and big businesses, the need for a presence on the internet has only recently become so important. This can primarily be attributed to the economic rollercoaster which incentivises businessmen to approach sales from more diverse angles. On the other hand, the quick expansion and usefulness of the internet also play a key role in this matter.

Making a presence on the internet almost mandatory for any business. Currently, about 3.811 Billion people use the internet, and this number grows by the minute, which means more potential customers and clients for you as well. It is in your best interest to maintain a strong online presence.

However, in order to do this, you need to overcome the competition present in your field or keep introducing new products and services to find your audience. A primary requirement for this is that your webpage needs to achieve the best ranking in the search engines when it comes to the highest priority keywords (the ones which are most important for your business profile).

How can you achieve this?

An integral part of modern SEO is link building. While earlier, the primary aim of SEO was to increase the sheer number of links that point to our website, thus making it achieve a better rank, what really counts today is the quality of our links. These links are ’valuable links’.

When we talk about valuable links, we talk about links that correspond to high MozRank, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and Trust Rank values.

However, if we want to achieve great results, we must put those links in a high-quality context, which means skilfully put together texts around the links.

What methods are available to us which are also accepted by Google when it comes to link building?

The newest algorithm primarily supports the formation of those natural (organic) links, meaning links that meet the following criteria:

–    Are contained in simple blogs made by real people, which publish in a fixed topic,

–    Are valuable because the environment they are in is constantly updated with consistent content,

–    They hold measurable value, giving your page more link power.

And if all of these are met, then the results are not far off.

This is what we offer. A complete link building service, which is the most common and accurate index of the success of SEO these days.

If we managed to get your attention, contact us!

PPC advertisements

When we talk about online marketing solutions, next to direct marketing and SEO, we also offer PPC advertisement channels. It is in your best interest to exhaust every possible resource in making your webpage successful; therefore, we recommend that you try out the PPC method as well.

A well-built and organized webpage alone is usually insufficient for true success.

The webpage has to be optimized and advertised because this is the only way your products and services will reach your target audience.

What kind of PPC advertisements do we offer?

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the world’s best and most predictable marketing tool, which allows business owners to perfectly target their audience. If we advertise using Google Ads, every cent and penny we spend on advertisements can be monitored, and we can also calculate if our investment will pay out in the end.

Constructing and optimizing an Ads campaign and an advertisement group requires a lot of experience. Otherwise, the campaign might not produce tangible results or produce results at all. Our experts all possess this required knowledge, which is also proven by the fact that our company has earned the Google Ads Distinguished Partner title.

  1. Facebook advertisements

The biggest strength of advertising on Facebook is the fact that it is also highly targetable. No other marketing tool can offer such precision when selecting our target audience. Not even Google is able to present a suitable alternative.

We can monitor and measure our audience groups and see how each of them responds. We can also measure how our investments pays out in each audience group.

Why choose us for managing your PPC advertisements?

–    We present complex and effective solutions,

–    We present tangible results,

–    Our Facebook and Google Ads experts possess years of experience in this field.

Hit us up for an offer!


Our company has been working in SEO since 2009. We provide professional link building, high quaity content writing, SEO Audit and PPC advertisements (Facebook, Google Ads).

We consider it a top priority that we establish optimal and dynamic communication with our clients, ensuring the success of the marketing and SEO campaigns.

We always aim to provide insight to our clients and ask for feedback during every phase of our proceedings, since we know that they are the experts in their fields.

Meanwhile, we are responsible for ensuring the professional and precise compilation of our service packages, which are always in accord with the goals established together with our clients.

We provide services in a field where the human aspect, creativity, problem solving and flexibility are all top priorities next to professionalism. These principles guarantee undeniable results and success to all those who choose our services.

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